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Hair Care Brands You Will Love at Sharper Image Hair Design

At Sharper Image Hair Design, we stock the best hair products in the industry.

Your hair is uniquely yours. We do our best to use quality hair care products in Red Deer that best suit your needs. You can choose from vegan-friendly products, sulfate-free products or our products for sensitive scalps.

We are different from other hair salons in that we don't have hundreds of products on our shelves. We only carry proven brands and products that help you get better results from your hair care efforts. Our products just work great for us and our clients. Make sure to ask your hair stylist about why we carry specific products and how they can help make your morning routine easier with lasting results.

If you have any questions about our product lines or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call. Some of the brands and amazing hair care products we currently carry include:

Sharper Image Hair Salon Carries Eleven Australia Hair Products

Eleven Australia

ELEVEN Australia is the fresh approach to hair and body care. Starting in 2011 with Miracle Hair Treatment, ELEVEN Australia has now grown to a 27 product range for everyone. Australian. Simple. Effective.

Eleven Australia Hair Care Products at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • Strong Hold Styling Paste
  • Extra Hold Styling Clay
  • Slick Hold Styling Pomade
  • Medium Hold Styling Cream
  • Deep Clean Shampoo
  • Hydrate My Hair Shampoo
  • I Want Body Volume Shampoo
  • Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo
  • Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo
Eleven Australia - Anti-Frizz Products at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo
  • Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Conditioner
  • Frizz Control Shaping Cream
  • Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum Spray 
  • Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray
  • Keep My Colour Blonde Treatment
Eleven Australia - Hair Hydration Products at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • Detangle My Hair Leave-in Spray
  • Keep My Curl Defining Cream
  • 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment
  • Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo
  • Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner
  • Miracle Hair Treatment Spray
  • Deep Clean Shampoo
Eleven Australia - Hair Care to add Volume at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • I Want Body Volume Conditioner
  • I Want Body Volume Foam Spray
  • I Want Body Texture Spray
  • I Want Body Volume Powder
  • Dry Powder Volume Paste
  • Give Me Clean Hair  Dry Shampoo
  • Sea Salt Texture Spray
  • Matte Texture Styling Paste
Eleven Austarlia Body Hand Wash and Moisture Lotion
  • Wash Me All Over Hand & Body Wash
  • Moisture Lotion Hand & Body Cream

Ethica Products found at Sharper Image Hair Design - Red Deer


Ethica products incorporate modern advances in hair care science and technology. Each special product has what Ethica calls their "proprietary multiple benefit technology" that maximizes the potential of any hair type.

Find out more about Ethica ingredients here. We are now carrying the one litre size formats.

Ethica Shampoo and Conditioner - Hair Care Products at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • Stimulating Anti-Aging Repairative Daily Shampoo
  • Energizing Anti-Aging Protective Daily Conditioner
  • Advanced Daily Topical (Ageless)
  • Daily Corrective Topical (Advanced Repair) 

Maria Nila Logo

Maria Nila

We love the fact that conscientious sustainability is worked into all aspects of each Maria Nila products. These colour protecting hair care products made in Sweeden are 100% vegan, cruelty free, climate friendly and products with carefully chosen ingredients that make a difference for clients, salons, animals and the environment.

Try a Maria Nila colour masque with a wide range of shades to choose from so you can try out a new colour or refresh your locks in between services!

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Available Now
  • Colour Refresh Vanilla 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Peach 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Bright Copper 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Autumn Red 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Cacao 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Cacao Intense 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Black 100 ml
Maria Nila Hair Color Refresh Samples
  • Colour Refresh White Mix 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Lavender 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Pink Pop 100 ml
  • Colour Refresh Bright Red 100 ml
Maria Nila Water Color - Root Concealer Now At Sharper Image Hair Design

Do you find that your roots are growing out way too soon before your next color treatment is scheduled for?

We love the flexibility that this Water Color Root Concealer can provide you with. Jenn did a video demonstrating this product for you.

Sharper Image Hair Salon Carries Neuma Hair Products


Neuma is leading the charge for environmentally-friendly hair care products. Using recycled bottles, Neuma offers products with no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, glycols and environmental pollutants.

NEUMA gives you beautiful hair without sacrifice.

At Sharper Image, we support Neuma's decisions to not include 13 different classes of ingredients that are known or suspected skin sensitizers, endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic, damage the environment, contribute to climate change or otherwise compromise your hair health or the planet.

See The Neuma Zero List

NEUMA’s Zero list is the list of 13 different classes of ingredients we promise never to use in any of our formulations. This includes:

ZERO synthetic fragrance
ZERO sulfates
ZERO parabens
ZERO 1,4-dioxane
ZERO phthalates
ZERO glutens
ZERO neurotoxins
ZERO aluminum compounds
ZERO glycols
ZERO formaldehyde donors
ZERO ureas
ZERO methylisothiazolinone
ZERO carcinogens and
ZERO environmental pollutants

All of this is one more reason why we love Neuma and recommend it to our clients for healthy hair.

Neuma - neuSmooth and neuBlonde products at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • neuSmooth Shampoo
  • neuSmooth Leave-on Condition
  • neuSmooth Revitalizing Masque
  • neuSmooth Finishing Polish
  • neuBlonde Platinum Shampoo
  • neuBlonde Platinum Detangling Rinse
Neuma - neuMoisture and reNew at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • neuMoisture Intensive Masque
  • neuMoisture Instant Fix
  • neuMoisture Shampoo
  • neuMoisture Condition
  • reNew Shampoo
  • reNew Condition
  • reNew Tangle Me Free
  • reNew Dry Shampoo
  • reNew Scalp Therapy
Neuma - neuStyling with neuControl products at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • neuStyling Blow Dry Lotion
  • neuStyling Gelee
  • neuStyling Firm Hold Gel
  • neuControl Hairspray
  • neuControl Medium
  • neuControl Firm
  • neuStyling Mousse
  • neuStyling Extender
Neuma - Age Defying Oil and Creme at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • Neuma Hydrating Body Bar
  • Neuma Age Defying Replenishing Oil
  • Neuma Age Defying Restoring Creme
  • neuRepair Argan Oil Treatment
Neuma Refills

The reasons why we love and carry Neuma in our salon is endless. The Zero list for one, their core values and their out look of "beauty without sacrifice." Neuma has done incredible things for the hair industry and are having stylists and clients becoming more aware of our footprint on the world. That being said they are huge into recycling. Their bottles are made from 95% post-consumer bottles that start as recycled milk jugs. 

Olaplex products found at Sharper Image Hair Design


What do Jen Atkin, Khloe Kardashian and Kathie Lee Gifford have in common? They use Olaplex products to care for and strengthen their hair. Olaplex uses a three step process with their patented ingredient that works at molecular levels to repair chemical, mechanical and thermally damaged hair.

Olaplex Collection at Sharper Image Hair Design in Red Deer
  • No.3. Hair Perfector
  • No.4. Bond Maintenance Shampoo
  • No.5. Bond Maintenance Conditioner 
  • No.6. Bond Smoother & Leave in Conditioner
  • No.7. Bonding Oil 

Sharper Image Hair Salon Carries Redken Hair Products

Redken For Men

After struggling with allergic reactions to many hair care products, actress Paula Kent co-founded Redken with her hairdresser to provide high-performance products that were gentle enough for sensitive skin. We also carry Redken for Men.

Redken brews found at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • Extra Clean Shampoo
  • Daily Shampoo
  • Daily Conditioner
  • 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
  • Mint Shampoo
  • Silver Shampoo
Redken Clay-Wax found at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • Clay Pomade
  • Texture Pomade
  • Wax Pomade
  • Finishing Cream
  • Molding Gel
  • Extreme Gel
Redken Shave Cream found at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • Fibre Cream
  • Molding Paste
  • Spray De Fixation
  • Shave Cream
  • Cream Pomade
Redken Molding Clay found at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • Erratic Molding Clay
  • Styling Compound
  • Beard Oil
  • Shave Oil
  • Cleansing Bar

Revive Procare found at Sharper Image Hair Design

Revive Procare

Revive started out to create a drug free system to help make a difference to people with fine or low-volume hair care needs. This three part system works to revive natural and color treated hair. All ingredients can be found in nature. Revive products are sulfate-free, drug-free, paraben-free, and without sodium benzoate, sodium chloride damaging alcohol.

Revive Hair Care Products at Sharper Image
  • Thermal Protector
  • Thickening Spray
  • Biotin Cellular Complex
  • Mend Deep Hair Repair Mask

Sharper Image Hair Salon Carries Unite  Hair Products


Unite's Founder, Andrew Dale a hair stylist, created UNITE for hair stylists and our clients. Over 15 years ago, Andrew Dale made a commitment to do things differently and offer high performance products that are easy to use with our clients. There are over 40 products in the UNITE lineup.

UNITE Boing Curl - 7Seconds Detangler found at Sharper Image Hair Design
  • 7SECONDS DeTangler

Sharper Image Hair Salon Carries Wella Professionals Hair Products

Wella Professionals

From inventing the first portable permer to launching the first cream colourant, this German company has been revolutionizing the beauty industry for over 130 years.

Wella Professionals - Extra Volume & Thermal Image products found at Sharper Image - Red Deer
  • EXTRA VOLUME Strong Hold Volumizing Mousse
  • BOOST BOUNCE Curl Enhancing Mousse
  • DRY ME Dry Shampoo
  • THERMAL IMAGE Heat Protection Spray
  • RUGGED TEXTURE Matte Texturizing Paste

Other Awesome Miscellaneous Hair Care Brands at Sharper Image Hair Salon in Red Deer

Other Awesome Brands

Our mission is to bring you hair care products that work great and serve you in the best way. This category is for specific products that we carry from select brands without carrying the full brand line up.

Joico-Chi Products at Sharper Image Hair Salon in Red Deer
  • JOICO Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray
  • JOICO Power Spray Fast-dry Finishing Spray
  • CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Flexible Hold Hair Spray
  • CHI Helmet Head 
  • JOICO Power Spray
  • Luc Vincent Cowlick Manager
Schwartzkopf Blonde Me Hair Product at Sharper Image Hair Salon
  • Schwartzkopf Blonde Me Keratin Restore Bonding Mask

WOLF Available at Sharper Image Hair Design


Wolf products are 100% sustainably manufactured in a LEED* Silver Certified Facility, which means that we make Wolf with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

In addition, we package responsibly and use up-cycled, recyclable materials to reduce waste. Finally, Wolf formulas incorporate clean chemistry. This means we use plenty of natural plant extracts, avoid harsh or unfriendly ingredients and maximize performance by choosing only the best ingredients to hydrate and protect your skin, scalp and hair.

Wolf products do not contain sulfates, phthalates, parabens sodium chloride or formaldehyde donors. Cruelty free and vegan.

Learn more about Wolf here.

Wolf Mens Hair Care and Shave Cream at Sharper Image Hair Design

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