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Here you’ll find the latest in our hair care promotions for the Red Deer area. We challenge ourselves to bring you fresh hair care deals that will help you maintain that awesome hair cut and style long after you have left our hair salon chair. 

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2023 Litre Sale at Sharper Image Hair Design-Red Deer Salon

Stylist of the Month - Product Pick

Wash Me All Over - Hand & Body Wash

Daphne’s product pick of the month for August is  Wash Me All Over Hand & Body Wash.

Wash me all over hand & body wash is PH balanced and SLS free formula packed with essential oils. While the papaya extract and almond oil exfoliates. Orange, lavender and coconut oils hydrate and repair the skin.

Jojoba oil then protects against environmental damage. If you have ever used the washroom in our salon, this is the soap we use and we love it!

For this month only, this product is 20% off, so catch this deal while you can.

Stylist of the Month - Daphne Recommends - Eleven Australia - Wash Me All Over

Out With the Old, In With the NEUMA!

As we enter into the Spring season, we are thrilled to announce that Neuma is refreshing their hair care product line. They are updating their amazing eco-friendly product line, making it even better for your hair while staying true to their roots of using natural, sustainable ingredients. These are just some of the reasons why we love Neuma at Sharper Image.

This becomes an incredible opportunity for you to stock up on our current Neuma products while they last. 

Here's The Neuma Deal

Buy 1, Get 10% Off

Buy 2, Get 20% Off

Buy 3, Get 30% Off

Buy 4 or more, Get 40% Off

Sale lasts until we sell out of old packaged products. 

As this is a blow-out (pardon the pun) deal, we cannot offer any substitutions or rain checks.

All new products filling our shelves will be sold at normal retail prices.

August 2020 Litre Sale-Neuma-Sharper Image

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