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Here you’ll find the latest in our hair care promotions for the Red Deer area. We challenge ourselves to bring you fresh hair care deals that will help you maintain that awesome hair cut and style long after you have left our hair salon chair. 

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Stylist of the Month - Product Pick

Wella Ultimate Repair treatment

Alexis recommends Wella's Ultimate Repair treatment.

Let’s talk about why you might need hair repair in 90 seconds.

It’s a hair repair treatment that helps works in as fast as 90 seconds. This luxury leave-on spray, powered by Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Omega-9, detangles wet hair and strengthens, smooths, and rebuilds hair inside and out. (Source:

You can get transformative results after just one use!

The AHA helps penetrate your hair strand so it can work as an exfoliant for scalps, helping to remove dirt, oil, scalp sebum, product buildup, and dead skin cells.

The omega 9 comes after and makes the hair and scalp feel soft and silky to the touch. It aids to reduce breakage, prevent split ends and improve the overall appearance of your hair. It’s also has scalp benefits and improves circulation.

Therefore it gently cleanses the hair and scalp while balancing ph. Also stimulating hair growth at the scalp and giving the hair back what it needs.

Alexis has to manage her natural curly hair with something that has enough hydration without weighing down her beautiful, natural curls. Alexis absolutely loves this line for curls because it is lightweight and can be used on finer hair as well.

Make sure to ask your stylist about this effective repair treatment next time you are in the salon. It also makes a great gift for the lady in your life with natural curls.

Get this at the salon with a healthy 20% discount only available in July.

Alexis Recommends Wella Ultimate Repair for July Stylist of the Month

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