Each year our industry hosts the Beauty Envision Awards competition for stylists to compete in over 10 unique hair categories. Help us congratulate your favourite Sharper Image Stylist who submitted their entry into the competition. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this page and tell us what you like most about our team's submissions.

Each stylist put in tons of hours researching their hair design. Then they had to go out and find the right person to be the perfect subject to bring their hair design to life. From that point, the photographers come in and shoot the submission for entry into the Beauty Envision Awards. It is a lot of creative work that goes into each submission. 

We are very proud of our stylists for showcasing their talent and creativity on the international stage!

What's Your Vision?

What's cool about each submission is that it shows you what is possible for your hair. You likely have your go-to hair style that you wear to work and for play each day. Sometimes, you want to switch things up. Perhaps a special occasion or a one day event, we got you covered. 

Each submission below illustrates how long it took each stylist to complete their hair design. We also include approximate costs to help you get a sense for what's possible. These costs do not include any make up service.

Our team of awesome stylists can help you bring your hair design to life. Just contact us so that we can help discuss the right style and approach that's best for you. 

Sharper Image Submissions by Stylist

Jenn:  Show Stopper

Jenn Sharpe - Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

My inspiration for my model was something that anyone could wear on a daily basis in their day to day life but also be a bit of a show stopper.

I want women to be able to say, "I have something eye catching and the confidence to wear it".

Depending how you style this look, it can be more conservative or bold. 

This is why I really enjoy working with vibrant colors.

To recreate this look on short to medium length hair, it could include pre-lightening the section that you want the vivid color on, then do the color, cut and style.

It took me 4 hours to achieve this look and for a cost of approximately $200.

Kat:  Powerful & Fierce

My inspiration to execute this look was for the subject to look and feel powerful and fierce!

This took 17 hours altogether.

My model started with very dark hair and we had to do multiple blonding sessions with a cleansing wash, balayage and a heavy amount of highlights and toner.

We then applied her shadow root and full head of fashion colours.

She also sat patiently for an hour to get her make up done!

We then continued into the photo shoot to finalize my Beauty Envision Awards submission.

This look cost approximately $605 in the salon. 

Kat Teuling - Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

Sherri:  Elegant Bride

Sherri Bouchard - Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

When I heard Wella had added a bridal category into the Beauty Envision Awards competition, I was determined to enter it.

I felt that this would be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talents of the salon. 

My beautiful model had previous highlights that had grown out a lot.

So I did a full set of highlights, refreshed her ends and brightened her up.

Knowing that the trends for brides are seeing more color, I added a soft pastel pink to complete the look.

Her cut and color took four and a half hours and her updo an additional two hours. Total service time of 6.5 hours.

The total cost would be approximately $300. Makeup is not included. 

Sherri:  Fiery Passion

My inspiration for this model is passion.

Passion to create and compete.

The smooth sections that shatter apart symbolize months of hard work and practice finally flowing into a beautiful work of art.

This model’s hair needed to be heavily lightened and recolored a fiery coral.

Total time invested between color, cut and style was approximately 8 hours.

The cost for this look would be approximately $350.

Sherri Bouchard - Second Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

Hunter:  Unconventional Beauty

Hunter Lane - Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

The look I created for the Beauty Envision Awards this year was inspired by using soft, subtle colors and techniques to create an unconventionally beautiful look.

I believe that there is no standard or guidelines for beauty, and there are so many ways you can combine different styles with different techniques to form a unique and interesting look.

My model was already a nice, light blonde, so I did a full head of foils in different pastel pinks and purples.

If I were to do this on a client, I would likely have to first do a bleachout ($130+) to get a nice even canvas. Then follow up and go in and do the full head of foils ($130). I would finish with my style ($40).

Total services would be approximately $300 for the hours it takes to achieve this look. 

Meghanne:  Dream Catcher

My inspiration for my hair design was a dream catcher.

Because I am in the student category for the Beauty Envision Awards, I wanted to be creative in a simple way to mostly show off the cut and color but also be unique with the style.

This look took me 11 hours to lighten, cut, tone, and design.

The model shown here had extremely long hair which required extensive cutting before I could start the color processes.

To recreate this look it would cost approximately $400.

Meghanne Campbell - Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

Jaimie:  Powerful Warrior

Jaimie Vanderzee - Beauty Envision Awards 2019 Submission by Sharper Image Hair Design

For my hair inspiration, I wanted to do something that made my model look like a very powerful warrior, but still feminine.

That is why I chose to do the big curls and a tight braid with the chain and still incorporate the soft pink in her hair.

My model already had pre-lightened blond hair so therefore all I had to do was put the pink color on and style it.

The cost for this look was $85 for the pink and $70 for the style. It took me 3 hours to complete this total look.

Your Turn to Dream & Imagine Your Next Hair Design

We would love to see your feedback on our team's submissions to the Beauty Envision Awards this year. Please leave a comment below with your reactions or which submission(s) you appreciate most. 

Hopefully, from our submissions, you get a sense of what's possible for you. We look forward to seeing you at the salon for your next hair design service.

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