This year's entries to the Beauty Envision Awards competition is extra special given all the things that have taken place since we submitted our work for judging. This award competition has stylists compete in over 10 unique hair categories. Help us congratulate your favourite Sharper Image Stylist who submitted their entry into the competition. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this page and tell us what you like most about our team's submissions.

Our stylists really showed well this year. We are proud of each submission for the creativity and professionalism exhibited. Each submission takes tons of hours to research the best hair design. Finding the right person to be the perfect subject to bring their hair design to life is also part of the task. From that point, the photographers come in and shoot the submission for entry into the Beauty Envision Awards. It is a lot of creative work that goes into each submission. 

We are very proud of our stylists for showcasing their talent and creativity on the international stage!

What's Your Vision?

What's cool about each submission is that it shows you what is possible for your hair. You likely have your go-to hair style that you wear to work and for play each day. Sometimes, you want to switch things up. Perhaps a special occasion or a one day event, we got you covered. 

Each submission below illustrates how long it took each stylist to complete their hair design. We also include approximate costs to help you get a sense for what's possible. These costs do not include any make up service.

Our team of awesome stylists can help you bring your hair design to life. Just contact us so that we can help discuss the right style and approach that's best for you. 

2020 Beauty Envision Awards Submissions

Jenn:  Everyday Sass

Jenn Sharpe - 2020 Beauty Envision Award Submission

My inspiration of the competition was based on a few things. I was looking for something that was springy (purple and yellows) with a bit of sass and spunk but still something she would feel comfortable wearing everyday.

It's always nice to have something you can dress up and dress down depending on the occasion. The undercut is a blue/black which adds some dimension and depth drawing your eye to it (My favorite part of her color) the top is then a rich purple and the front is a combination of 3 different colors.

Again, adding dimension to the hair and contrast that catches your eye. There are 2 tones of violet and a blond in the front fringe area.

The makeup artist did a great job adding the yellow to compliment the overall violet tones in her hair. This color and cut took me 4hrs. Salon cost would be $165.

Alexis:  The Unicorn

My inspiration for my look came from our industry of hairstylists.

We are always pushing boundaries. I wanted to create a piece of art, something you can’t wear everyday with a shape and a vision in mind.

Push myself outside the box, push my limits and I’m very happy I did.

This look would cost approximately $350 in the salon. It took me 6 hours to create this look including styling.

Alexis - 2020 Beauty Envision Award Submission

Kat:  Delicate Doll

My inspiration for the 2020 Beauty Envision Awards was... Delicate Doll
With this being my third year competing I wanted to create something that complimented my colouring style. This final look took 10 hours start to finish!

I wanted this model to leave with a more natural balayage so that leaving this photo shoot she could still wear this colour day to day.

Her hair was naturally brunette, with a few greys sporadically throughout. We covered those, added in foilayage & toner, a few fashion colours, and started on her updo!

My model's hair piece was added in afterwards and consisted of 50+ coloured hair swatches that took me 2 hours to build! After the help of our make-up artist and photographer, this was the final look submitted to BEA!

This look would cost approximately $500 in salon. 

Kat - 2020 Beauty Envision Award Submission

Sherri:  Vintage Hairnet

Sherri - 2020 Beauty Envision Award Submission

My entry for the 2020 Beauty Envision Awards was inspired by a vintage hairnet. I really wanted the focus to be on that netting.

I created it entirely out of hair and love having the strands sweeping across her face.

My models color may not be vibrant and bright but don’t let that fool you. We had to lighten her completely to achieve an even canvas. Then I did a soft root shadow to create an easier transition when her natural grows in.

I really wanted her to have a beautiful soft balayage. Total time spent on her color was approximately 6 hours at a cost of around $250.00. Her style took 5+ hours and was a blast to do. Styling for something like this would cost around $150.00.

Meghanne:  The Mermaid

My inspiration for this color, came from inspiration ideas on the Wella Pinterest board, but I was also imagining colors like this for awhile.

So in the end my inspiration came from the colors of the ocean. The different depths and colors and tone the ocean has inspired these colors.

I spent 9 hours on this color that’s included a full global lightening, tone, a cut then fun color. The results came out perfect for the length of hair my model's hair and for how much of it she had.

If you would like something done like this in the salon you're looking at $350.00 plus, depending on thickness and length of hair. This is one of my favourite fun color applications I have done. 

Meghanne - 2020 Beauty Envision Award Submission
Meghanne's Second Beauty Awards Submission

Your Turn to Dream & Imagine Your Next Hair Design

We would love to see your feedback on our team's submissions to the Beauty Envision Awards this year. Please leave a comment below with your reactions or which submission(s) you appreciate most. 

Hopefully, from our submissions, you get a sense of what's possible for you. We look forward to seeing you at the salon for your next hair design service.

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