At Sharper Image Hair Design, our team of creative and talented hair stylists were excited to be able to enter and compete in the 2022 Beauty Envision Awards competition.

TrendVision, one of the most prestigious events in the salon professional industry, presents to you the 2022 Beauty Envision Awards.

The professional beauty industry has grown through countless challenges and we’ve adapted to a new world. It’s our time to shine.

That’s why we’re thrilled to continue extending this unique opportunity for growth and recognition to all beauty professionals through a hairdressing and nail art competition.

This year, we have 8 diverse categories that allow North American salon professionals, in all stages of their careers, to put their skills to the test and envision the next era of beauty. We’ll elevate our craft by coming together through the ultimate competition of creativity, the Beauty Envision Awards. 

Voting Ends on May 29th

We hope that you will help each stylist celebrate their creative hair design and talent that it took to bring the design to life. We also thank our beautiful models who helped us bring our visions to the camera.

Please review each Beauty Envision Awards entry below.

When you arrive on the page, follow these steps:

1. Scroll down and click on the "LOAD MORE" button as many of the entries are hidden.

2. Look for your stylist's Instagram handle which will be labelled on each entry.

3. Click on the heart for each stylist's photo that you like. This counts as your vote.

4. Return often as you can vote on a daily basis until the end of the competition on May 29th.

Make sure to vote today, or before the May 29th deadline.

Thank You So Much!!

Sharper Image Hair Design - BEA 2022 Submissions - Social


Cotton Candy Dream

My vision for this pieces was something soft but opposing in every way. Opposing in color, texture, shape.

Jenn - Cotton Candy Dream - Side Profile- 2022 Beauty Envision Award Submission


2022 Modern Bride

This years beauty envision awards look was inspired by taking the traditional bridal look and modernizing the flow of hair and the combination of colours.

Kat - Modern Bride - 2022 BEA Submission


Prism Reflection Distinction

I love doing competitive hair to push my own boundaries as a hair stylist. The inspiration for this piece came from a prism and contrast. I wanted to challenge myself with different hair techniques in a bold way.

Alexis - Prism Reflection Distinction - Alternative Hair Style - 2022 Beauty Envision Award Submission


Pink Rock

My look for the Beauty Envision Awards was inspired by the walls of the pink canyon in Nevada. I really loved how they colors all meshed together!

Sherri - Pink Rock - 2022 BEA Submission


Modern Vintage

My look for the BEA awards was inspired by combining a vintage look with modern stylist techniques.

Hunter - Modern Vintage- 2022 Beauty Envision Award Submission

Kennedy (Creative):

Warrior Queen

My inspiration for this look came from confidence and power. I wanted a color that represented my style as a hairstylist, as well as suiting my models style.

Kennedy - Warrior Queen - Thinking - 2022 Beauty Envision Award Submission

Kennedy (Future Star):

Warrior Queen-2

This is Kennedy's second entry for the Future Star category.

Kennedy - Warrior Queen - Confident - 2022 Beauty Envision Award Submission

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