You just invested a ton of time and money into your latest hairstyle. One overlooked part of maintaining your new color or style is the tools you use to style with.

We want to help you get the best professional grade styling tools for your hair. Last year, we created a new event to help you get your hands on salon quality hair tools at prices that you can't resist. We are excited to invite you to be part of this year's 2024 Trade In / Level Up Styling Tools Event only at Sharper Image.

Ever wonder how to get those curls to look as impressive as your hair stylist made them?

Have trouble achieving a uniform blow out?

Can't seem to get the flat iron to cooperate with you and make every strand perfectly straight and flat?

Does your old 1988 blow dryer feel like you're lifting a brick?

We get it because we too have to style our own hair at home just like you do. Our team put our minds together and determined that many of our clients have well-used, or worn out hot tools that won't help you achieve that precise look you need.

Did you know that today's professional styling tools work better to care for and protect your hair from unnecessary singeing, burning, and fraying?

We created this special event to help you level up your hair care and styling game by upgrading your styling tools that matter most to you. Scroll down for all the details!!

Bring In Your Old Hair Styling Tool
& Leave With a Professional Grade Styling Tool!
Event Runs From February 1st to 29th.

Frequently Asked Event Questions:

What qualifies as a styling tool or hair tool?

Mostly, any electronic appliance that you would safely use to style your hair. We will accept any of your old styling tools from the list below:

  • Curling Iron
  • Flat or Curling Iron
  • Blow Dryer / Blow Brush
  • Hot Rollers
  • Crimper
  • Hair Dryer

How can I participate in this awesome event?

TRADE IN:  When you bring in one used styling tool, we will provide you with a  40% discount  from the retail price of a new tool that is available at our hair salon. Your old tool doesn't even need to be in working condition to qualify. The older the hair tool, the better!

What if I don't have an old styling tool to trade in?

LEVEL UP:  Not ready to part with your favourite styling tool yet? That's okay.

We want every person to be able to level up their tools so that you can keep the great styles coming long after your visit with our hair stylists.

Just mention to us that you want to level up and buy a new styling tool from our salon and you will get a  15% discount.

Can I mix and match tools?

Yes you can. You can bring in an old curling iron and leave with a new hair blower. You still qualify for the Trade In discount. 

How many new tools can I apply the discount to?

If you are Trading Up, then for every old hair tool you bring in, you get the 40% discount applied to a new tool. The Level Up discount of 15% is applied to every styling tool that you want to purchase.

We asked each stylist to show off their favorite styling tool that they are excited about this year. If you have questions, call the salon, or stop by and ask us in person.

2024 Styling Tools Event-Alexis-Aria Beauty Crimper

Alexis Recommends

Aria beauty crimper

What I love about the crimper is that it helps give your hair volume at the root with minimal effort and lasts all day.

You can make it last for day 2 and 3 hair styles.

Easy to use and you get really great results!

Jenn Recommends

BaBylissPro Ceramic Hairsetter

Ever not have enough time in the morning to create a great hairstyle for the day?

That’s why I l love these hot rollers.

Heat them up, pop them in, and then continue getting ready for the day.

Take them out, and voilà...beautiful curls that are ready to go!

2024 Styling Tools-Jenn-BaByliss Pro Ceramic Hairsetter
2" Blow Out brush

Sherri Recommends

SB2 2" Blow Out brush

What I love about this brush is that it gives you beautiful long lasting volume and it's easy to use.

Use your favorite volume spray and heat protectant and you will feel like you left the salon every day!

Alysha Recommends

Mint X-Long Curling Iron

What I love about this curling iron is how smooth it goes through the hair. 

It is designed for people with long to extra long hair and makes curling a breeze with the extra length so that the hair doesn't bunch up on the iron.

2024 Styling Tools Event-Alysha-XLong Curling Iron
2024 Styling Tools Event-Daphne-Amika Flat Iron

Daphne Recommends

Amika Flat Iron

First of all who doesn't like the look of this flat iron?

It is the best of both worlds...looks awesome and works great too!

Natalee Recommends

The Perfect Compact Dryer

This is the perfect dryer for at home or on the go. It is nice and compact and lightweight.

Great for your gym bag or heading out on that winter getaway!

I love this blowdryer also because it has a diffuser and a concentrator with it to help style your hair any way you are wanting, your natural curls or straight.

2024 Styling Tools Event-Natalee-Aria Perfect Compact Dryer
2024 Styling Tools Event-Heat Protectors

Salon Recommended

Heat Protectants

Heat protectants are an important layer between your styling tool and your hair. Use of these key hair products helps to lock in moisture and decrease the amount of frizzy hair you have to deal with.

The outcome is that you help your hair be much healthier, feel softer and more smooth.

Ask your Stylist about which product will be the best match for your hair type and based on which brand of shampoo and conditioner that you currently use.

We look forward to seeing you at the salon for this special Trade In - Level Up Styling Tools Event so you can replicate your hairstyle long after you leave the salon. Please leave us a comment below as to which is your favorite hair tools from the above recommendations.

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