Back to School is soon approaching. While your focus is gearing up for school supplies, we didn't want you to forget about a special sale that will take care of you too. Our August litre sale will help you stock up on your favorite hair care products. 

Plus, with a one litre size format, you can easily split this into smaller size bottles to mix and share with your family or friends. We decided to simplify our Red Deer famous August litre sale.

Save 20% off of any litre sized products in the salon!!!
Sale Runs From August 1st to 31st.

We asked each stylist to show off their favorite litres that they recommend you consider adding into your rotation of shampoo and conditioner. If you have questions, call the salon or stop by and ask us in person.

Sherri Recommends Wella FusionPlex

Sherri recommends Wella FusionPlex - 2021 Litre Sale

Discover the Fusionplex Hair Recovery care collection for damaged hair. For up to 95 % more resilience against breakage*, designed to repair and protect the hair against breakage and damages.

Source:  Wella

Alexis Recommends Revive

Featuring a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including Saw Palmetto, Honeyquat, Olive Leaf Extract, Red Clover Flower Extract, and Biotin, prep Cleanser Shampoo prevents the clogging of your pores and hair follicles, effectively breaks down DHT build-up, protects you from hair breakage, hair thinning, and hair loss, and promotes optimal hair growth.

Source:  Revive

Alexis recommends Revive  - 2021 Litre Sale

Kat Recommends Neuma neuVolume

Kat recommends Neuma neuVolume - 2021 Litre Sale

Discover your hair’s volume potential. neuVolume shampoo features a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils to maximize color hue, vibrancy and longevity while an exclusive blend of plant nutrients protect color from UVA & UVB oxidation.

Builds dimension with added shine. Aroma provided by pure essential oils of Vanilla, White Fennel and Patchouli.

Source:  Neuma

Hunter Recommends Verb Ghost

Ghost Shampoo™ gently cleanses, conditions and preserves color while Ghost Conditioner™ provides weightless protection and moisture while strengthening fine hair.

Source:  Verb

Hunter recommends The Verb Ghost - 2021 Litre Sale

Kennedy Recommends Eleven Australia

Kennedy recommends Eleven Australia - 2021 Litre Sale

We have a selection of certified vegan shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that contain no animal products. We also have a selection of gluten-free products.

All our products are paraben and cruelty free.

Source:  Eleven Australia

Meghanne Recommends Ethica

Anti-aging is a complicated market; at Ethica we believe in sharing the ingredients we work with, so our customers can understand the products they are using.

All the marketing in the world means nothing without the correct formulation. Our active ingredients are all backed by clinical studies done in the professional science community. We do not “fairy dust” our products to say something is in there if it is not providing a result that is backed by clinical studies, we leave it out.

We are open with our ingredients, why they are there and what they do
Anti-Aging and hair regrowth is extremely complicated and technical, there is no single ingredient that is the perfect solution, that is why using a precise combination of the correct ingredients will yield maximum results across multiple pathways for the broadest range of people

Source:  Ethica

Meghanne recommends Ethica - 2021 Litre Sale

Jenn Recommends Redken Brews

Jenn recommends Redken Brews - 2021 Litre Sale

The key to great hair is all about giving your hair the care it needs without a lot of timely maintenance. Brews caters to all hair types making it easy to find the best match for you.

Looking for something to combat built up oil that will give you a deep clean feel?

Try Extra Clean Shampoo. Don’t forget to add moisture and detangle your hair with the Daily Care Conditioner.

Source:  Redken

We look forward to seeing you at the salon for our famous August Litre Sale so you can take care of yourself by stocking up on your favorite one litre sizes of shampoo and conditioner. Please leave us a comment below as to which is your favorite hair care product(s) from the above recommendations.

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