Help your Father have a comfortable seat with great hair care!

Ever wonder what to get your dad who seems to have everything? We thought outside the box and created this year's Timber Ridge & Wolf prize package that is valued at over $130. Your Dad will love to receive this cool package:

- Timber Ridge folding chair with a side table with cup holder.

- Wolf men's hair care line up. Wolf is a Canadian company and we really like their products for men.

- I Wash Everything, Hydrating 3IN1 shampoo and body wash.

- Shaving cream (works great for the ladies to shave their legs).

- Moisturizer and texture cream to style your Dad up for the day.

- He will look and smell fantastic by adding Wolf to his morning routine with these great products.

Fathers Day 2024 Client Contest at Sharper Image Hair Design

Enter to win by Sunday, June 16 @ 11:55pm.

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