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Why We Support Girls In Kenya

Did you know that many young, school aged girls in Kenya miss complete school days because of their menstrual cycle?

They cannot attend school because they lack the access to necessary supplies to enable them to live their life and handle their periods. The impact on a young girl missing school is devastating. Our world needs well educated children to rise up and become community leaders.

Where we live, it's easy to take for granted the necessary supplies to effectively handle your menstrual cycle each month. We have teamed up with other local hair salons to help support the Girls Need You Project because we want these young students to stay current with their education and not miss any school days.

How You Can Help

The project is fundraising to provide essential feminine hygiene kits for school girls in Kenya. Each kit will include:

  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • 2 shields
  • 8 washable liners ("the pad")
  • soap
  • washcloth & carrying bag
  • usage instructions

We know that supplying these kits helps to encourage and empower these girls by giving them hope and dignity that will help them to succeed in their studies.

Kits cost $10 each and includes all the essential items a girl can use each month. These feminine hygiene kits are reusable and washable which makes them a highly sustainable investment in the success of each girl who receives one.

Please call us at the salon with any questions. Use the button below to donate direct to the project through A Better World of Canada.

Girls Need You Project Poster for March 2020

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