Thrill Your Mom When You Win This For Her!

May is one of my favorite months. Everything starts turning green and coming to life. Seeing all the baby animals running around in the fields, makes me smile and think of the warm sunny weather ahead.

Another thing that makes May special is Mother’s Day!

In February, we ran our Trade-In & Trade-Up Event. The Hummingbird Ionic Dryer was our most sought after hot tool. We decided this is the perfect item for our 2024 Mother’s Day contest prize.

Sherri started using the Hummingbird blowdryer behind the chair and fell instantly in love and then we all did also.

The Hummingbird blowdryer is among the lightest, fastest and most powerful blowdryers on the market!

Mint Hummingbird Ionic Dryer-Mothers Day Draw Prize at Sharper Image Hair Design

The technology is next generation. While drying your hair, the blowdryer will emit 12 billion negative ions which will result in reduced drying time, while infusing the hair with intense moisture.

The Hummingbird blowdryer also has active oxygen technology. With the blue light it provides a disinfectant action to eliminate bacteria and odour on the scalp and hair.

This blowdryer is a beautiful color, and has a nine-foot cord which is very useful. It comes with a diffuser for all you curly hair people. You also get two different sizes of hair concentrators if you prefer a smoother and sleek finish.

This blow dryer retails for $375 and could be yours for FREE when you enter this Mother's Day Draw.

The contest is now closed. Thank you to each person who entered and shared incredible answers to our question.

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  1. Thank you for having draws, and special offers on your products. Jenn you are truly the best. I always walk out of the salon feeling so good about my new hairdo.

  2. This is so very nice of you to do these types of draws to show your customers you appreciate them. This is a great salon . I recommend all my friends to go here.

  3. Sharper Image (Jen) you are an amazing salon, You do so many amazing things for your clientele. Great atmosphere ❤️coming here

  4. I love how I can bring my toddler, my husband(who has curly hair) and myself to Sherri and just give her free range. She always impresses and we don't have to stress to figure out how we want our hair. She is really good at looking at us and matching the perfect cut (or color in my case).

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