Jenn Sharpe

2023 has been a very exciting and momentous year for Sharper Image. I am excited to share some accomplishments from two stylists you may have seen around the salon.

In May, Alexis celebrated her 8th year anniversary with Sharper Image. She has been such an asset and strength to me and the team. She is a calm leader and a very conscientious stylist and her willingness and eagerness to continue to educate herself on her craft is incredible.

Sherri also celebrated her anniversary in May. She has been with Sharper Image for 6 years and is an extremely motivated woman and has taken countless cutting, color and styling classes.

Both Alexis and Sherri do not shy away from an opportunity to learn and grow. In May they took part of a 2 day in salon cutting class called Curl Craft. Where they learned how to cut and style curly hair. They have taken this education and ran with it. They are mastering their skills with curly hair and their curly hair clientele is growing and they are excited to be broadening their knowledge and skills.

I am saving the best for last with these two amazing ladies and professional hair stylists. Words can not express how extremely proud I am of them both for their other massive accomplishment they had in 2023.

They pushed their limits personally, mentally and professionally by taking part in the Wella Color Mastery program. You might not have heard of this training program.

Becoming a Certified Wella Color Expert is a process that takes over a year to complete. During the year, each Stylist has to attend several out of town, normally a week at a time courses. The stylists learn the materials and science of color application. Then the stylist returns back to the salon for practical experience using what they learned with clients until the next course.

Alexi and Sherri - Oct 20th - Certified Wella Color Expert

On October 20th, Alexis and Sherri graduated as Certified Wella Color Experts!!

We are grateful to have their expanded skills and experience in our salon. They are a great help to mentor our newer stylists while being available to help you achieve the color you desire in your next hair service and style.

As part their ongoing development, Alexis and Sherri have been promoted to Master Stylist at Sharper Image Hair Design.

You can book online with Alexis and Sherri. They would be happy to work with you at the salon and take on your next style and color challenge you have.

I look forward to seeing you soon at the salon.

Warmest Regards,
Jenn Sharpe

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