Meghanne Wants You to Love Olaplex As Much as She Does

Stylist product of the month. 

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A leave in reparative styling cream eliminates Frizz, hydrates and protects all hair types up to 72 hours. Use on damp or towel dried hair. Also speeds up blow drying time and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Product spotlight: Olaplex 

Meghanne Love Olaplex - Stylist of the Month - October 2019

What is olaplex?

Olaplex is a bond builder that works on a molecular level to rebuild bonds broken by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. It can be used to restore damaged hair, and prevent future damage from these processes.

Why do you need olaplex?

Olaplex is like an insurance policy for your hair. It helps to improve manageability, appearance and overall health of the hair. We offer stand alone olaplex treatments, to do a deep repair of the hair, as well as the full range of at home care products to integrate into your routine, keeping your hair healthy and happy.

No.4 and 5: Shampoo and Conditioner:

The perfect shampoo for damaged and distressed hair. Regular use will help to enrich the bonds of your hair and continue to repair and reduce damage. 

Olaplex Collection at Sharper Image Hair Design in Red Deer

No.3 at home treatment:

The perfect once a week treat for your hair. Use it as a mask, or scrunch it into your natural waves to revive and repair. 

No.6: Bond Smoother:

For unruly, frizzy hair. At a small amount to damp hair, air dry or blow dry to style for smooth, healthy hair. 

No.7 Bonding Oil:

This stuff is gold. Liquid gold. Add a few drops to damp hair prior to blow drying for smoothness, shine, and heat protection. If necessary, add over finished style for extra smooth, shiny, healthy hair. 

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