Each month at Sharper Image Hair Salon, our team chooses an Employee of the Month. This individual is chosen by the team based on their growing dedication and commitment to serving our clients.

To honour each employee, you will receive a beautiful 20% discount on the product of their choice. Stop by the salon and pick up Unite Liquid Volume as chosen by Jaimie

Build body, instantly, without adding weight. Sound like a miracle? This texturizing spray performs! LIQUID Volume delivers weightless volume, texture and workable hold on wet or dry hair, with or without heat.   (Source: UniteHair.com)

Jamie using Unite Liquid Volume - May 2019 by Sharper Image Hair Salon

Why Jaimie Chose Unite Liquid Volume

Jamie wants all of her clients to know that voluminous hair is easily achievable the day after your salon treatment. You have many choices out in the market.

We love the way you can activate or touch up your hair volume with a few pumps applied. 

You can apply this to wet or dry hair as the dry time is very fast. You can apply it as you are walking out the door to your next exciting adventure.

Plus, the bottle size is just right that you can easily add it to your handbag or gym bag for those times you need to touch up your hair away from home.

Unite Liquid Volume Instructions
(Source: UniteHair.com)

Wet Use — spray throughout clean, damp hair from about 6 to 8 inches away. Use heat styling to increase the effect and volume.

Dry Use — Spray through dry hair from roots to end, then tease with fingers or brush to enhance volume, texture, and hold.

Make sure you stop by the salon before the end of May 2019 to pick up this essential product and add it to you bag. You can also call us at 403-341-3333 with questions or to book your next service.

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